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Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

Kane Shannon Weiler LLP assists individual clients and their families in the purchase and sale of residential property. From first-time homebuyers to clients with multiple residential property investments, our team of experienced counsel can help you with any aspect of residential conveyancing. This includes:

  • Negotiation and preparation of initial purchase and sale agreements
  • Review and advice on contracts of purchase and sales
  • Performing title searches and review for liens, easements, restrictive covenants, tax liabilities or third-party interests or claims on the property
  • Preparation of mortgage and financing documents
  • Preparation of all statutory property transfer documents, including required tax forms
  • Payout of mortgages, liens, court orders, judgments and other registered charges on title
  • Preparation of lesser property interests, including leases and agreements for sale
  • Conveyances involving Crown lands and Indian lands
  • Conveyances involving new construction
  • Independent legal advice on complicated residential conveyances

Having represented clients within the Fraser Valley residential real estate market since 1973, we can provide you with experienced insight in the purchase or disposal of residential land, homes, vacation homes, cottages, condominiums or rental properties.

Our knowledgeable team of lawyers and conveyancers take the stress out of the real estate conveyance by covering all of the details. Our aim is to provide a seamless conveyance in which clients can trust that their property interests are being protected.

Lawyers for Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements From Chilliwack to South Surrey/White Rock

We strive to help our clients obtain their real estate objectives, whether buying a new home, selling off a residential property asset or investing in new real estate opportunities. Contact our firm at 604-591-7321 or 877-738-3797 for more information. You may also contact us by email.

Consultations will be conducted with one of our experienced residential conveyancing lawyers — in Surrey, Peter McCrank or William G. Weiler; in South Surrey/White Rock, Heather Blatchford; or in Abbotsford, Darlene Dort.

We stay focused on your needs and goals.

CONTACT us today for responsive, personalized service.