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Land Development

Kane Shannon Weiler LLP has extensive experience assisting clients with the purchase of commercial or residential real estate for the purposes of development. In addition to advising clients on the statutory requirements and preparation of documents, we also serve as liaisons between the various parties involved.

Lawyer Heather Blatchford of our firm's specialized team of real estate lawyers provides guidance and assistance in the following areas of land development:

  • Preparation of contracts for purchase and sale, conveyance or land exchange
  • Preparation of subdivision documents such as easements, rights of way and restrictive covenants
  • Advising on other development structures such as leases or co-operatives
  • Negotiation and preparation of joint venture agreements for acreage owners or independent clients wishing to acquire land as a means of development or investment

We also have practical experience advising vendors and developers on managing initial land development offerings. This includes:

  • Advice on the organization of the structure to acquire and develop the land, whether as a company, a partnership or a joint venture
  • Preparation of disclosure statements and sale contracts
  • Review of loan agreements and financing for acquisition, development and construction
  • Advice on governmental or municipal zoning or re-zoning regulations
  • Creation of trusts for entities holding the development in trust for other companies
  • Preparation of contracts for management and construction services

Our firm is well known throughout the Fraser Valley for its professional level of service and industry proficiency in this area. We will liaise with all parties involved such as municipalities, engineers, planners and surveyors to position our clients for success.

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For more information or to discuss your land development venture with our experienced South Surrey/White Rock lawyer, please contact our firm at 604-591-7321 or 877-738-3797 toll free, or by email. Kane Shannon Weiler LLP has a long successful history of assisting clients throughout the Fraser Valley involved in real estate and land development.

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