Stephen Leong

Stephen D. Leong

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

Born in London, England, Stephen immigrated to Canada as a youngster and was raised, educated and has lived most of his life in the Lower Mainland of B.C. He has called Surrey, B.C. home since 2002. In 1992 he earned bachelors’ degrees in Law and Commerce from the University of British Columbia, and in the following year was called to the British Columbia bar. Stephen initially joined Kane Shannon Weiler in 2002 and in 2018/2019 went on an extended sojourn. We are pleased Stephen rejoined Kane Shannon Weiler in August, 2019 and returned to a busy litigation practice where his preferred areas of practice are personal injury, and general commercial and civil litigation.  In personal life Stephen is an avid outdoors enthusiast, rides motorcycles, and loves tinkering on all things mechanical (with varying degrees of success). 

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