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Our Employment Law & Labour Group lawyers advise individuals throughout British Columbia on all employment and labour related matters. See the full description of our Services below.

We want to empower our clients with the knowledge to make the right decisions in their workplace. We do this by educating employees and employers on their rights and obligations and tirelessly working with them to achieve the outcome that meets their objectives.

The modern workplace is ever-changing and presents novel challenges for individuals. We can help not only to protect your interests but to give you the edge you need to come out on top.


We see all the angles. Unlike other business advisors or law firms, our Group’s broad and diverse knowledge base covers the full spectrum of workplace law. Not only do we handle wrongful dismissal and human rights matters for employers and employees, we are the only Group east of the Fraser River that also practices in labour law, WorkSafeBC, occupational health and safety, EI & CPP, admin law, disability insurance, and shareholder disputes. There is no area of the workplace that we can’t help with. And we handle all cases, big and small.

We are versatile. Just as our knowledge is broad, so is our skill-set. Our preference is to resolve disputes as early as possible through careful consultation, advice, planning. In this regard we are trusted advisors and skilled negotiators. However, when the other party is not willing to resolve matters fairly, we put on our robes and go to Court. We are seasoned litigators in all levels of Court and familiar with the rules and regulations specific to every federal and provincial workplace tribunals. If the tribunal decision isn’t favourable, we are experienced in judicial review too.

We are experienced. Recent changes in the legal industry are creating many new employment lawyers. We have been doing this for a long time and have over 65 years of experience between our four team members.

We are local. We live in the communities that we serve. We care about those communities and take part in them every day through participation in local events, chambers of commerce, and pro bono activities. Living and working locally allows us to provide the quality of service of a downtown law firm but at affordable rates.

KSW Employment & Labour Group is here to empower our clients in the workplace.

Our Employment & Labour Group lawyers include: Chris DrinovzMichael WeilerMelanie BoothJesse DunningJunki Hong and Alejandra (Ale) Henao.

Legal Services for Employees – Employment Law Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford and Vancouver.

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Employment Law Advice for Employees

Wrongful Dismissal & Termination
Constructive Dismissal
Severance Package Review & Negotiation
Employment Offer Review & Negotiation
Employment Standards Claims: Overtime, Wages, Vacation Pay
Non-Competition & Non-Solicitation: Advice on Enforceability
Exit Strategies
Employment Insurance Appeals
Canada Pension Plan Appeals (CPP Disability)

Our Employment and Labour Group provides advice and representation to employees in termination cases.

In BC and Canada, employers may terminate an employee’s employment for cause or without cause. In the few cases of termination with cause, the employer may proceed without notice and severance package. More commonly, where a termination is without cause, the dismissed employee is entitled to notice or payment in lieu of notice.

A wrongful dismissal occurs when an individual is terminated in the absence of just cause without being provided with adequate notice of termination or in a manner that violates the conditions outlined in an employee contract. Given the complicated nature of some contracts, wrongful dismissal can be an especially difficult legal area to navigate.

Our Group is committed to taking a thorough approach when it comes to advising employees regarding a wrongful dismissal case. We take the time to understand your situation and to answer any questions you may have. We aim to find a resolution that offers the best possible outcome with the least amount of stress and at a reasonable cost.


Human Rights, Harassment and Discrimination

Workplace Bullying & Harassment Complaints
Sexual Harassment Complaints
Workplace Discrimination & Gender Discrimination
BC Human Rights Tribunal Claims

The BC Human Rights Code governs the rights and obligations regarding discrimination in the workplace.

Our team of human rights lawyers has extensive experience representing employees in human rights, harassment, and discrimination cases across a range of industries. We recognize the difficult nature of these areas and endeavour to make the process as stress-free and uncomplicated as possible by helping employees through the process of understanding human rights complaints and deciding whether to proceed to the Human Rights Tribunal.


Workers’ Compensation Advice for Employees

Review and Appeal of WorkSafeBC Decisions
Judicial Review of Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal Decisions
Claim Management Assistance

Prohibited Action Complaints

When an employee gets injured at their workplace, both the employer and employee have an obligation to report the incident to WorkSafeBC. If the employee submits a claim for compensation, WorkSafeBC begins the process of assessing the claim to determine if, and how, they will be compensated. The employer may object to the claim. If either the employer or the worker disagrees with WorkSafeBC’s decision, the decision may be appealed to the Review Division, and then the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

At KSW Lawyers, our WCB Team composed of lawyers and a designated paralegal have extensive experience handling all types of WorkSafeBC cases. Appealing a decision is a time-sensitive and complicated process and requires an intimate familiarity with the rules, policies, and assessment programs. We have won reviews, appeals and judicial reviews for our clients throughout the last 10 years.


Labour Law Advice for Individuals within Unions

Advice Regarding Unfair Representation Complaints
Section 12 Complaints to Labour Relations Board
WorkSafeBC Claims for Union Employees
Human Rights Claims for Union Employees
Claims Review Committee Appeals of Disability Insurance Decisions for Union Employees
Collective Agreement Opinions
KSW Lawyers - Serving the Fraser Valley and Lower Mainland
Chris Drinovz

Chris Drinovz

Michael J. Weiler

Michael J. Weiler

Melanie D. Booth

Melanie D. Booth

Jesse Dunning

Jesse Dunning

Junki Hong

Junki Hong

Alejandra (Ale) Henao

Alejandra (Ale) Henao

“I was directed to Christopher D. Drinovz to assist with wrongful termination and severance negotiation. Chris went out of his way to ensure I understood applicable laws and process and helped me to negotiate a much better settlement than I was originally offered. Chris is highly recommended and is now my go-to lawyer for all employment related needs. Chris was even kind enough to review a new offer from another employer and ensure I didn’t end up in a similar situation I had with my last employer. Being proactive is the name of the game and understanding employment law can be a huge challenge. If you have questions or concerns regarding your employment situation look no further than Chris and KSW!

Aly Abji


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“My partner and I run an independent insurance adjusting company. Chris created our employee contract, which he crafted for our very specific needs. Chris was committed to ensuring we had the most customized document, catering to both our company and our employees. He was dedicated, personable, flexible and timely. His knowledge and service was extremely professional. We highly recommend Chris Drinovz and his team’s services to anyone.”

David Clenahan CIP


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