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Ottawa Announces Three New COVID-19 Employment Benefits: CRB, CRSB and CRCB

BY: CHRIS DRINOVZ  As the now infamous “CERB” comes to an end, the federal government has created three new temporary benefits aimed at supporting Canadians still unable to work or working less because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bill C-4, the COVID-19 Response Measures...

Employer Obligations Regarding Time off Work for Voting: 2020 Provincial General Election

BY: CHRIS DRINOVZThe next BC Provincial General Election will take place on Saturday, October 24, 2020 (“General Voting Day”).   Under the s 74 of the B.C. Election Act, employers have an obligation to provide voters with four consecutive hours free from work...

Constructively Dismissed Employee Awarded $1.1 Million For Bonus

SUPREME COURT OF CANDA TRIES TO CLARIFY VARIOUS LEGAL CONCEPTS BY: MIKE WEILER The Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) choses cases based on the importance of the legal principles the case evokes. Generally the role of our highest court is to correct errors of law in the...